Thursday, April 15, 2010

Triian: Resin Rings

I love these resing rings from Triian. Each ring is handmade and one of a kind using a Poly Resin blend that is unique to Triian. I love the mix of smooth and rough and the small crystals that are used to detail in what looks as though a completely random way. These rings have no uniform shape making them incredibly unique. Triian was even featured on Daily Candy. Be sure to check out Triian's Esty shop for equally unique pendants and their website which is coming soon and will feature more of their work. Verbena also has some of their bangles and necklaces for purchase.


  1. featured in today's Daily Candy as a good Mother's Day gift.

  2. these are so amazing.
    i know I am no triian burbank but i'd love if you check out my own resin offerings

    nice blog.. good curation you got going here

  3. now being sold at Anthropologie!