Friday, January 29, 2010

gin & butterflies - Hope for Haiti

For every purchase made from gin & butterflies Etsy shop, a $10 contribution will be made to Doctors Without Borders Haitian Relief. I absolutely love the Fan Ring, there's something about a ring being so big that indents need to be made for the fingers adjacent to the one wearing the ring. I also love the Long Sterling Y-Necklace, you can wear this necklace with just about anything and it will add some serious sex appeal and glamour.

Ashley Akers Jewelry - Hope for Haiti

50% of all sales from the Ashley Aklers Jewelry Etsy shop until January 31 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders Haitian Relief Effort. Ashley Akers Jewelry is a collection of interesting pieces. The pieces are handmade using sterling silver and can be adorned with gemstones, pebbles, fibers or polymer clay. They range from a simple silver disc to stacked pebbles. The collection has an industrial style along with some organic elements mixed in.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jewelry by SB - Hope for Haiti

All purchases from Jewelry by SB's Etsy shop will go towards the relief efforts in Haiti. As a resident of New Olreans who received help from others after Katrina, Sarah Beth is doing her part by giving 50% of all sales to Samaritan's Purse or the American Red Cross (the buyer can designate which one) and the other 50% of the sale will go towards her upcoming trip to Haiti to help with the relief efforts.

Ashley Easton - Hope for Haiti

I think this is the first piece of jewelry I have found that is made using papier mache. Ashley Easton made this environmentally friendly necklace using 100% recycled newspaper and inspiration from the ocean surrounding the Mayan Peninsula of Mexico. 100% of the sales of this necklace will be donated to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thirty Six Ten - Hope for Haiti

$20 from the purchase of this ring from Thirty Six Ten's Etsy shop will be donated to Disaster Relief fund of Compassion International for Haiti. This ring is simple, stackable and absolutely adorable.

Hearts for Haiti - Hope for Haiti

Hearts for Haiti is an Etsy shop that is stocked with a collection of donated items from different Etsy sellers. 100% of the money made through this shop will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. I picked out a few of my favorite items. Be sure to check out the whole shop as it is not all jewelry.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

yesyoumaigh - Hope for Haiti

100% of every purchase from yesyoumaigh's we go together. collection will be given to Compassion International to help aid Haiti. Each necklace is $35 and $35 can help take care of a family in Haiti for 1 week. As quoted on yesyoumaigh's Etsy shop home page "hope and humans, we go together." You can read more about the collection, cause and designer's thoughts here.

ken & dana - Hope for Haiti

This necklace is from ken & dana design and it was designed as their way to help with Haiti earthquake relief. The text on the necklace is the identifier for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that abolished the national-origin quotas that had been in place in the United States since the Immigration Act of 1924. By abolishing these quotas it resulted in new immigration from non-European unions. For every necklace purchased, $30 will be donated to the Red Cross.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Quench Metalworks

Working in the garment industry, I have spent some time with buttons. It is always interesting to me when people find other uses for basic everyday items. I have seen buttons used in many different ways and have seen jewelry made with buttons. This ring by Quench Metalworks is my favorite piece of button jewelry. By bringing together a vintage black and white striped button and vintage green glass button, Quench Metalworks has designed this "zany, bold and unique" ring. I love the contrast between the black and white stripes and bright green floral pattern and the fact that you can't tell that they are buttons. Just imagine the surprise when someone compliments you on your ring and you tell them it's made with buttons!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Zebra Finch

I was walking through the Brooklyn Flea Gifted show and I spotted this rack of beautiful headbands by Zebra Finch. Hair accessories are like jewelry for your hair, the same way a great necklace can dress up a plain outfit, a great hair accessory can dress up a plain ponytail. Zebra Finch makes these lovely hair accessories using all different types of materials. The materials can be vintage milinery feathers, flowers, netting and sometimes even taken apart already destroyed hats from the 20's - 40's. Sandra Baker (the designer) is currently working on the new Spring line and will be filling her Etsy store up with her new creations soon. In the meantime you can find her some weekends at the Brooklyn Flea and can contact Sandra at to find out what weekends she will be at there or to place a custom order.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

stone&honey - echo

I have been looking for the perfect agate slice necklace and I've been having trouble finding one because they all look the same. I was very excited when I found stone&honey's collection on Supermarket because someone had finally taken a new approach to the agate slice necklace. By adding the small adornment to the agate slice, stone&honey has given the pieces their own unique look. My favorite in the collection is the echo because the coloring of the stone makes the silver crystal detail pop. It was hard to pick a favorite because of the wide variety of agate slices and adornments that are available so be sure to check out their Supermarket shop and website to see them all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eBay Finds: Black Enamel Earrings

Current Price: $3.99
Shipping: $1.65
Time Left: 2 days
If you have ever looked to buy vintage earrings, you probably noticed that many of them are clip on or screw backs. The fact that these are not only stylish and inexpensive but also for pierced ears, makes them a great find.

Yassai 7 - Loved

Last Thursdays New York Magazine the Cut: Best Bet was Yassai 7's Loved Necklace. Yassai 7's jewelry line is made up of 7 different collections that support each support a different cause making Yassai 7 a jewelry line "that seeks to Fashionably Change the World." The Loved necklace supports the cause to stop the trade of blood diamonds. The word "love" is spelled out using letters that are made up of different weapons. The thick chain and metal "love" makes this necklace tough and almost armor like. I really like this necklace as a piece of jewlery and the fact that it's also for a cause makes it that much more appealing. Be sure to check out all of the pieces in the Yassai 7 collection because the pieces are fashionable and the causes they support range from homelessness to genocide in Darfur.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Banana Republic - Mediterranean Princess Earrings

For some reason I am not a big earring wearer or buyer. I don't often find earrings that I like, maybe I'm just picky, but found these earrings at Banana Republic and I am really liking them. I love the opal stones and the tear drop shapes as well as their vintage look even though they're brand new. It is always important to look for jewelry everywhere you go even mass marketers. Sometimes you can find some surprisingly unique looking pieces.

Monday, January 18, 2010

eBay Finds: Floral Enameled Egg Locket

Current Price: $19.99
Shipping: $4.00
Time Left: 5 days 23 hours
I imagine myself wearing this locket on a long chain, layered with a shorter simple charm necklace or 2. What I like most about this necklace is the floral enameling and how incredibly wearable it is even with it's strong vintage styling.

Friday, January 15, 2010

eBay Finds: Carved Jade Locket

Current Price: $24.99
Shipping: $3.95
Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours
It is important when shopping for jewelry to look in all different places. I look at the jewelry section in every store I walk into and I am constantly looking for things online. One place that I have always had good luck finding inexpensive and unique pieces is on ebay. I especially look here for vintage and if there's a specific designer piece I want. You may have to spend some time searching but when you find that one piece that calls out to you, it makes it that much more special. Just beware of last second bidders -nothings worse then losing that piece you've been watching for 5 days by $.10 in the last second.

LAUKaccessories - 0.9. amulet necklace

Made from leather and swarovski crystals the 0.9. amulet necklace by LAUKaccessories is sensational. I love the dramatic effect of the necklaces super long length and it's assymetry. Although the piece is made up of simple geometric shapes and basic black and white coloring but the way they are designed together makes this a very original and striking piece. I was apprehensive about posting this for fear someone would purchase this before me but it is too unique to not post. Be sure to check out the other beautiful leather goods available in LAUKaccessories Etsy shop.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrecords by Monkey - Vinyl Record Cameo Necklace

Using reclaimed vinyl records, Wrecords by Monkey has designed a collection of jewelry that is a mix of urban and rock n' roll. Best known for their bracelet collection, their cameo necklace stopped me in my tracks at the Brooklyn Flea Gifted show. The classic cameo design is redesigned aming it younger and more hip. It's a perfect combination that satisfies both my love of vintage and contemporary jewelry. Not only is the entire collection unique and stylish but it it is also green making Wrecords by Monkey a collection for everyone.