Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yassai 7 - Loved

Last Thursdays New York Magazine the Cut: Best Bet was Yassai 7's Loved Necklace. Yassai 7's jewelry line is made up of 7 different collections that support each support a different cause making Yassai 7 a jewelry line "that seeks to Fashionably Change the World." The Loved necklace supports the cause to stop the trade of blood diamonds. The word "love" is spelled out using letters that are made up of different weapons. The thick chain and metal "love" makes this necklace tough and almost armor like. I really like this necklace as a piece of jewlery and the fact that it's also for a cause makes it that much more appealing. Be sure to check out all of the pieces in the Yassai 7 collection because the pieces are fashionable and the causes they support range from homelessness to genocide in Darfur.

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