Thursday, December 17, 2009


My wardrobe consists of clothing in black, white and grey. My style is comfort and ease and I prefer my clothing to be a simple canvas to be a nice backdrop for my jewelry and accessories. So it was no big surprise to me that when I saw the necklaces in The Wind Beneath collection in the MujiAndYou Etsy shop I was immediately drawn to them. The minimalist designers laser cut feathers from black or white acrylic and then style them into 3 different necklaces that are all easily wearable in their own ways. It's also obvious when looking at the ONE Black in the last picture as well as close up pictures in the item listings that the designers paid careful attention to the detail on the feathers. My personal favorite is the ONE White. I love how incredibly white, clean and simple it is but still very bold! It will go amazingly with any white, black or grey ensemble I wear it with!

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