Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello Readers,

I will not be making anymore posts until after the holiday. I will be travelling to Arizona to spend the holiday with some of my family. I will be checking out some jewelry while I'm there for future posts. This past weekend I checked out the Brooklyn Flea Gifted show on 4th and Lafayette and saw some amazing jewelry that I am excited to post about (jewelry made from old records, leather necklaces, ruffle leather earrings, porcelain pendants, crochet cashmere with chains....). If you are in the NYC area I definitely recommend checking it out, it ends Wednesday night the 23rd at 9:00.

Everyone enjoy your holidays and I will be back up posting in the middle of next week!


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  1. hi! just found your blog from my brother in-law, adam. will be sure to visit again. see you next year!! happy christmas